Become a Master Presenter of Your Technology Topics

A typical presentation skills coach can’t successfully coach you on your technical topic. Lynn is a master at making your highly technical material easily understandable to your in-person or online audience. She’ll help you polish your delivery too, to ensure your audience believes in your message as much as you do. 


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Kick up your "likability" and win over audiences
Earn trust as an adviser and get buy-in for your message
Connect with your audience in a captivating manner

A presentation skills class will help you succeed on stage, in meetings and online

Lynn will show you techniques that will have you presenting just the right amount of technical info to keep both novices and experts with you at every step. Most coaches don’t cover this!

Whether you’re demoing software or educating people about an industry-changing product, you can ensure that people won’t be bored or intimidated by your technical topic. They’ll find you to be a compelling, “natural” speaker that they want to pay attention to.

1. Take your stage presentations to the next level

Do you want to learn how to take command of the room? And confidently handle interruptions, equipment problems and other surprises mid-presentation?

Do you want to master techniques to minimize stress and stage fright when you’re speaking?

Even if you’re an experienced speaker, Lynn can watch you and see exactly how to make adjustments to be more persuasive. You can be seen as an inspiring presenter who truly captivates your audiences.

2. Hold effective webinars that knock it out of the park

Webinars, online conferences, and remote demos are common and convenient (and inexpensive) for technical presentations. Unfortunately, they also make it super easy for attendees to tune out and check their email (after all, they know you can’t see them!)

Lynn will teach you how to keep your virtual audience focused on your presentation so they don’t want to leave. And she’s seen it all with webinar software. She’ll give you tips to create polished webinar recordings, ensure good audio quality, handle multi-speaker webinars and panels, and more.

3. Demo software to maximize your sales results

Most software demos start boring the audience in less than 10 minutes unless you know how to prevent it. Lynn will show you powerful changes you can make to get your audience excited about the features you’re demonstrating.

Whether you’re doing a sales demo to a potential customer, leading a group training session, or demonstrating a new tool at an internal meeting—you’ll be able to keep your demo lively and avoid putting your audience to sleep.

4. Learn to be a dynamite emcee for your conference

A skilled emcee (master of ceremonies) can truly elevate your audience’s perception of your event and company. When the emcee can champion the audience experience as decisions are made about your event’s speakers, agenda and key messages, your audience will notice and comment on the major transformation compared to previous events.

Let Lynn coach you through the emcee process for your next event and you’ll learn a systematized approach to maximize enthusiasm and connection with your audience.

“You—yes you—can make your audience laugh once you know the science of comedy.”

Get your audience to take the next step

Amplify your connection to your audience

Use humor

Humor narrows the distance between you and your audience.

Comedy helps people relax, trust, and pay attention longer so you can cover more content.

Learn the principles to add humor to your presentations—or have Lynn write jokes for you.

Use storytelling

Storytelling makes your key points more understandable and impactful.

Lynn will help you develop and tell compelling stories, while teaching you how to do it yourself going forward.

Use cognitive empathy

It’s key to put yourself in your audience’s shoes to see their needs, wants, pains and expectations, so you can align with what matters to them.

Lynn will teach you cognitive empathy for more success in sales, marketing, teaching and presenting.

Command their undivided attention

Learn how to connect with your audience so they won’t be pulling out their cell phones—their attention on you won’t waver

Flexibly change course as you speak

The most successful presenters pay continuous attention to what’s happening in the audience, and make changes to keep pulling them in.

Lynn will show you how to read the audience and how to make use of what you’re reading in real time.

Kick up your preparation to succeed!

You’d think this one goes without saying, but so many speakers don’t realize that they’re not preparing well enough, and it shows!

Get Lynn’s tips and tricks to prepare properly in a way that’s not overwhelming.

Make it more about them

Everyone in your audience wants to feel smart and believe that they can do whatever you just showed them!

Lynn will teach you how to spot the places where you’ve inadvertently made your presentation too much about your company or product. Then you’ll shift things to focus on making the audience see how they can be successful. 

Deliver great conference breakout sessions

The skills you need to run a great conference session are different from those for keynote presentations. Conference sessions are typically longer—often a full hour or more—and they’re all about educating your audience. It’s also a different dynamic when you’re presenting to smaller audiences.

Lynn’s coached hundreds of technical presenters to succeed with their conference sessions, both individually and in groups. Leverage her experience as your personal conference session coach.

New conference session speakers

You’ve got great technical or training info and you’re ready to expand your impact to help a wider audience. It’s time to leverage an expert, positive coach to help you deliver your material in the right way—so that event managers will be excited about putting you on the agenda.

Experienced session presenters

You’re seeking more visibility in your industry and your career! You want to hone your content and delivery skills to ensure you get great audience evaluations and get invited back to present next year—while potentially aiming to become a main stage presenter too.

Event managers

You want to support your conference presenters so they’ll deliver the best content with the best possible results. Lynn will help prepare them with pre-event webinars, tips and tricks, and 1:1 coaching to polish their content and rehearse their delivery.

“You make a bigger impact when you can monitor the pulse of your audience and adjust what you’re doing as you speak, to keep their attention”

Do you want a positive coach who will be there in your corner, rooting for you?

Lynn Allen has trained hundreds of presenters to connect with their audiences

As a polished speaker, you’ll make it easier for everyone in your audience to see themselves being successful—in learning your technical product, in making their day-to-day job better, in making their company successful, and in getting others in their office to participate and buy in.

Lynn works with people one-to-one, customizing everything to each person. You’ll see that she truly loves to help people succeed and feel great about the impact of their presentations.

Your success is her success!

This engineer now loves to present on stage

“I have dabbled in public speaking for a long time, and I always excused myself from being a perfectly polished speaker on account of being an awkward engineer.  Then a few years ago I had the pleasure of working with Lynn.  I very much enjoyed her rigor and diligence with the various brainstorming, practice, and dress rehearsal sessions.  The first presentation I gave after working with her was my breakthrough as a public speaker.  For the first time I walked off the stage feeling confident!

I worked with her again about a year later, and it was amazing how effective that first session was because this second time we quickly talked about the presentation, walked through the content, had a very loose practice session and the results were even better than the year before.  What she taught me really stuck with me.  I now use many of the techniques she taught me even in small presentations, and instead of straying away from it, I now seek out opportunities to speak in front of larger venues.”

–Desirée Mackey, PE, SE

Design Technology Practice Leader, GEI Consultants

"Lynn loves to share her knowledge and help others."

“Lynn has always been tops in my book. She is knowledgeable, professional, and brings a sharp, topical sense of humor to her presentations and engagements. I have seen her work behind the scenes as well, and her work ethic and sense of perfection are unmatched. I have never seen her unprepared for any situation.  She has helped me and many others with stage presence, materials, and scripts. It has been an honor to work with and alongside Lynn for more than 15 years, and I look forward to continuing for many years to come.”

–Jim Balding   Architect | Author | Technologist

Chairman, RTC North America

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