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Wherever your audience is gathered, Lynn will help you get everyone excited about taking positive action to become more successful!


  • Industry association conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Sales conferences
  • Nonprofit conferences
  • Customer/user events
  • Webinars and live-streaming events
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Examples of keynote topics Lynn can present for you

Lynn’s presentations are always customized to each event! Start with one of these topics. Or work with Lynn to identify another topic that fits your technology-focused event. She excels at explaining new technologies in a way that makes people confident and excited about using the new tools to achieve more.

Get people to embrace change
  1. How to Embrace Change (and Improve Your Future)
  2. Fear of Change? We All Have It—Learn to Set It Free and Multiply Your Daily Successes!
  3. Change Management: How to Ensure You Have a Positive Company Attitude Moving Forward
Design better buildings
  1. Smart Cities—What Does Our Future Look Like (and Why Do We Care?)
  2. The Future of Building Things
  3. Making the Move to BIM
  4. How AI will affect the AEC World
Increase sales
  1. Tips to Ensure Customers Embrace Your Technology and Increase Sales
  2. Capture More Sales with Cognitive Empathic Marketing
  3. Improve the Customer Experience: The Most Important Key to Success Doesn’t Cost Anything
  4. Tips and Tricks for Effective Virtual Presentations
Implement new design technologies
  1. The Future of Design
  2. BioPrinting—Is It Really a Possibility?
  3. How Generative Design Will Impact Your Future
  4. Embracing the Cloud—Leapfrog into Your Design Future
  5. BIM and Construction—The Missing Link
  6. The Human Side of Design

An entertaining speaker for your technology topic

Lynn is well-established in the technology industry, known for being funny on stage and for her friendly, positive speaking style. She holds people’s attention by bringing technology into everyday life to get the point across.

Her presentation will fit your audience and she will work with you to ensure everything aligns with your event’s goals. She’ll incorporate engaging stories and original comedy customized to your event.


The shortest connection to your audience is through laughter

Lynn’s a skilled technology comedian with 20 years of experience—she’s done standup and improv, and shared stages with comedians including John Cleese, Don McMillan, Tim Lee,  Judy Carter and Emmy winner Rob Lotterstein.

Lynn writes all her own comedy and writes jokes for her coaching clients too. She knows how to structure content in a way that’s funny, how to add humor to a presentation, and how to deliver it in the right way for maximum effect.

“Comedy helps the audience relax and trust you. They’ll pay attention and let you cover more content than other presenters.”

A unique comedic approach

“When you can make an audience laugh, you decrease the distance between you and them. They believe in you more. They put their phones away! Humor is disarming. You don’t come across as a pompous presenter; your likeability factor goes up.

My humor is relatable.

I talk about situations that everyone can relate to and laugh about in their everyday jobs. The audience knows firsthand the super-annoying problems at work. Comedy can make fun of those everyday work situations and then show how technology will help solve the problems.

Members in the audience can see that I get where they’re coming from and that I truly know how they’re feeling about a situation—especially around issues they have about dealing with change. I can completely relate to their fears and I give examples where I don’t always embrace change. I put myself in their shoes. It’s not, ‘You should listen to me because I’m the master of change, change is fabulous.’ Instead, you have to show them you can relate to what they’re going through before you can sell them any technology.”

–Lynn Allen

Lynn will help you market and sell your event

Social media

Many of Lynn’s Twitter followers are heavy users of technology in their fields. Numerous editors and publishers in technology industries follow her too. Her account gets over 250,000 impressions per month. When you hire her for your event, she’ll promote your event to her fans and followers.

Event marketing

She can create teaser videos and other marketing content for you to get people interested in attending your event—and to help them convince their managers of the value of attending. As you send communications to people who are signed up, she can help get them excited about participating.

"Lynn's a natural presenter"

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending numerous events around the world where Lynn Allen was a keynote presenter or emcee.  She is a globally respected thought leader in the architecture, engineering and construction industry and has been instrumental to help drive the change in the industry from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Lynn is confident, engaging, prepared and funny—a natural presenter—with an ability to make everyone at an event feel welcome and included.  I highly recommend Lynn as a keynote speaker or emcee.”

–Susan Brattberg, Founder & Chief Customer Officer

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