Set a Focused, Professional Tone at Your Event

Lynn will emcee your event to keep everything flowing smoothly for maximum attendee satisfaction. She’ll reinforce your key messages and increase your event’s success.


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A master of ceremonies is the glue that keeps the whole conference together

It’s a tough leadership job requiring a unique skill set! Emcees must be able to segue easily from strategic to tactical communications, while interacting with the audience in real time and keeping everyone on the same page.

Lynn keeps your audience engaged:

  1. Set the energy level and command attention in the room
  2. Ensure that the audience knows what to expect and what to do
  3. Cover logistics, recap the schedule, and anticipate common questions so everyone feels settled and turns their complete attention to your event content
  4. Reenergize your audience as the event progresses
  5. Keep your event on schedule
  6. Get people smiling with funny annecdotes tailored to your industry and audience
  7. Take the pressure off your host. Your event will be in good hands!



She’ll ensure that your audience understands your main points and your calls to action

Lynn brings a consistent voice from the beginning of your event to the end, tying all the content together and bringing everything back to the key messages.

  • She reinforces your primary calls to action
  • She makes a smooth transition between speakers, setting your presenters up for success
  • She connects each speaker and sponsor to your key messages

Your attendees know what actions to take next. And the consistency and continuity of your content will leave them feeling impressed by the professionalism and organization of your event.

You’ll feel confident in how Lynn will represent you

She begins preparing long before your event date:

  • You and your event speakers and sponsors will talk with her about your content and your goals.
  • She’ll add research to make sure she’s well-versed in your technology topic.
  • She’ll craft her comments to align with your audience—they’ll see that she understands them and wants them to succeed.

Would you like help taking the quality of your event to the next level?

Watch Lynn facilitate a main stage discussion with technology event sponsors

“The best emcee is a champion of your audience. They constantly see things from the audience’s perspective, and orchestrate the live event to optimize the value the audience receives.” 

Raise your audience’s opinion of their experience at your event—with a skilled emcee

Emcees are experts at making sure your event will be memorable. And they have the hard-won experience to ensure that things on stage go as planned, trouble-free.  Up-level your event with a professional emcee!

Increase the return rate of attendees at your next event

Lynn’s emcee experience can also add value before your event. She can make suggestions in your pre-planning meetings to help you improve the flow, professionalism and overall impact of your conference.

If you have an inhouse person who emcees many of your events, Lynn can coach them as they prepare for their next event, providing tips and tricks, customized jokes, and supportive feedback to increase their on-stage leadership skills and impact.

Where can you use an emcee?

Think beyond conferences when you think about the value an emcee can add. Anytime you want a multi-speaker event to stay on track with cohesive, consistent key messages and energy, an emcee can strategically tie everything together as your event unfolds.

  • Multi-session online livestreamed conferences
  • Multi-city product launch tours
  • Multi-day training at user group conferences

For example, Lynn emceed a 25-city North American book launch tour that paired a full day of industry-focused sessions about Autodesk’s design software products—with a keynote presentation and The Art of the Start book promotion from best-selling business author, speaker and technology evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

"Lynn's a skilled emcee"

“Lynn brings such fun and intelligence to every event I’ve seen her host, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone handle an audience or event as skillfully as her. She spends the upfront time getting to know about the event, the host city and people in the organization, so her remarks and comments connect with the attendees and everyone is ‘in’ on the joke.”

–Mark Schmieding AIA, LEED AP

BILT NA Sponsorship Manager

"Lynn delivered well beyond our expectations!"

“Lynn Allen was an excellent choice to emcee our CanBIM Smart Cities Event in Toronto. She was very well prepared, relaxed and in synch with our audience. Lynn took the time to engage and develop rapport with all of our speakers, panelists and board members. Without question, Lynn is our top choice for industry emcee. She has the required background and experience to connect with audiences, weave the day together and make the event enjoyable. I can’t wait to work with Lynn again soon!”

–Gerry Lattmann, Executive Director
CanBIM | The Canada BIM Council

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