Fine Tune Your Software Demos to Increase Sales

Learn how to take your product demo content and delivery to the next level. With Lynn’s demo skills coaching, you’ll see increased attention and buy-in from your customers and prospects.


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Demo skills training for your team

• Application engineers

• Sales engineers

• Product managers

• Product support technicians

• Subject matter experts

• Anyone who demos software

1. Craft a better product demo

Apply the principles of Cognitive Empathy to connect with your customers so they’ll pay close attention.

2. Shift the focus of your demo

Spend less time on cool features and more time on the customer’s pain points and the business benefits your product delivers.

3. Practice your demo

Get Lynn’s coaching and feedback at every step. She’ll also review video of your practice sessions with you so you can hone your delivery skills faster.

4. Streamline your presentation

Master the technical details of your demo, equipment and environment to remove all the little distractions that disrupt customers’ attention.

5. Increase your influence

Learn to adapt your presentation and interactions in real time to respond to what you’re observing in your customers’ reactions.

6. Get expert advice

Ask Lynn about handling the toughest challenges you encounter in your demos.

An example Demo Skills class schedule

Everything about your demo coaching will be completely customized for your group.

Day 1: Half-day group session (4-8 people)

– Lynn covers proven key principles for demo planning and setup, demo design, and impactful demo delivery.

– Each of you presents a 3 to 5-minute segment from your existing demo and gets feedback from Lynn.

Day 2: Individual coaching sessions

– Each of you meets one-on-one with Lynn to refine your delivery and to ask questions.

Day 3: Half-day group session

– Lynn shares insider tips and techniques for effective technology demos that close sales and resonate with customers.

– Each of you presents the segment of your demo again using your new skills.

– Now you are ready to demo with success!

Watch Lynn demo new software features

Be convincing
Be confident
Be likable

Deliver amazing technical product demos

Software demos can be painful to watch. Too often, presenters are impressive experts with the software, but that expertise comes across as too technical (and boring.)  Or the speaker’s nervousness undermines their subject matter expertise.

Unique skills are required to demo technology for maximum effectiveness

Lynn has coached hundreds of technical people who do software demo presentations in sales meetings, webinars, conferences, at user group meetings and internal meetings, and more. She’ll teach you how to transform your technical demo into one that educates and encourages adoption.

Learn about “Demo Crimes” and how to avoid committing them

Demo Crimes are things that happen during a software demo that cause your audience to tune out, shut down, and decide not to buy. So it’s definitely smart to learn how to avoid inadvertently committing these crimes.

Here are a few of the Demo Crimes that Lynn can teach you to avoid

1. Announcing every pick and click rather than focusing on benefits

Explain just enough so the audience understands what you are trying to accomplish and believes they can be successful with the product. Focus your words on the benefits of what you’re demonstrating. Save the detailed picks and clicks for the user training after they purchase the software.

2. Too much geek speak

Technical presenters are often super smart and simply aren’t aware that their audience is lost or intimidated by buzzwords and technical terms. Lynn will help you honestly assess your geek level and learn to switch from engineering terms to layman terms if needed.

3. Making your software seem hard to use

Learn to demo in a way that looks easy for the customer to do it themselves, so they can walk away feeling it’s achievable and desirable. Your job is to make the product seem as easy as possible without veering off into extraneous explanations and tangents.


Know someone else who does demos? Tell them about Lynn.

“A perfect presentation is when the audience is engaged and nodding. You can watch the light bulbs go off as they get it!”


Be relatable

The best product demos connect with your audience in a relatable way to show them that you understand their pain points and software needs. They’ll better identify with you and be more focused on your demonstrations when they consider you a trusted advisor.

Lynn’s a master of cognitive empathy (being relatable) and she’ll show you how you can become a better presenter when you put yourselves in your customer’s shoes. 

Be highly credible

The more effectively you prepare before your demo, the more authority and persuasiveness you’ll be granted by your audience.

Lynn has a great deal to teach in this area, from rehearsals to equipment setup and handling audio/visual problems in unfamiliar rooms.

In addition, she can show you how to properly set the stage to help people see you as a trusted expert right away.

How do you craft and present a product demo that sells?

Here are a few of the techniques that Lynn can teach you and your team. She’ll cover the fundamentals that apply to every demo. She’ll also work with you as you rehearse to show you the things specific to you and your presentation that will make the biggest positive impact for you.

1. Tailor your demo to every company

Without spending a lot of time customizing

2. Use relatable storytelling structure for your examples

To ensure people see how they can benefit

3. Improve something new each time you rehearse

So your demo keeps getting more and more effective

4. Borrow techniques from keynote presenters

Learn to command attention in front of a group and hold people’s attention

5. Add verbal transitions between sections

To keep things flowing so people stick with you to the end

6. Begin your demo strongly

Set an expectation of high value with your audience

7. Comfortably engage your audience

Handle their questions while keeping your demo on track

8. Be naturally likable and funny

So your audience isn’t tempted to tune out

9. Ensure your demo creates a strong intention to purchase

Rather than a polite but indifferent “thank you”

When is a video better than a live demo?

Sometimes too many steps are involved to hold people’s attention in a step-by-step demo. And when your audience is managers and executives, you must deliver a super-short message focused on high-level results.

Lynn can help you craft, and star in, a succinct and effective video script for situations like these—and show you how to talk over a demo to simulate being live, and how to use a video as a good backup for beta software that might crash during a demo. You’ll  learn to choose the right bits and pieces for your video to explain the before-and-after difference and the positive outcomes, without showing all the steps. 

Watch a product demo that Lynn did with HP and Autodesk:

"Lynn helped me understand how to be more effective"

“Lynn is a very successful technical presenter in the industry. Having the opportunity to be coached by Lynn helped me to polish up in areas where I was lacking in my presentations. I’m extremely grateful to Lynn for sharing her knowledge so I could expand on my skills as a successful technical presenter.”

–Quentin Contreras, Technical Support Specialist
Autodesk, Inc.

“Lynn helps technology professionals to adopt new, better tools faster”

“Lynn Allen is an amazing speaker: Tech savvy, impeccably prepared, with a delightful combination of humor and human engagement.

What might be harder to appreciate, especially when seeing the energy she brings to a podium, is that Lynn has helped shepherd hundreds of thousands of engineers, designers, and architects through a series of wrenching technological changes. A few of us remember such antique methods as drafting on vellum, calculating with slide rules, and communicating by dictated memos and interoffice mail. In relatively few decades, we’ve transformed all of that.

Lynn was one of the first women to become a master user of computer-aided everything in the design, building, and manufacturing worlds. She also became uniquely skilled at speeding the learning, adoption, and effective use of technology by others. It’s a delicate art. When highly competent people invest years to learn one skill, they’re loath to give it up for something better. Lynn helps them do it again and again.

Want to speed technology adoption or respond faster to a competitive challenge? I’d think about hiring this talented woman—and hope you’ll save a seat for me in the audience.”

–Peter Marks, Founder
Design Insight | Consulting for New Product Development

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