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Get Your Event Audience to Embrace Your Technology Solutions!

Lynn’s unique style of relatable humor makes it easy for audiences from 100 to 10,000 to embrace new technology tools.

She’ll speak at your event and inspire them to take action—or she’ll coach you to inspire them with your presentation.

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Keynote Speaker
Technology Trends Author

How does Lynn get audiences on board?


She explains “how and why” in simple, compelling ways so people feel capable

  • Their confidence goes up once they clearly understand how the technology works and they’re convinced they can bridge the technology adoption gap. She provides the motivation by showing the many ways that embracing your technology can benefit them, both personally and professionally.

She interacts with the audience

  • By paying close attention to what’s happening with people in the audience as she speaks, she adapts her presentation in real time to keep pulling them in.

She makes technology relatable

  • Lynn helps people picture themselves being successful. They become open to embracing technology instead of hesitating. They want to get started.

Inspire people to see how they can make a difference and change the world!

Lynn’s entertaining, relatable presentations energize audiences to embrace the technology that will propel them into the future. When people see how they can succeed with your product, they will embrace change. Watch the video below to hear from Lynn:

Tell stories to illuminate possibilities

Storytelling is a powerful method to show people the potential of new tools. In Lynn’s presentations, she tells people about highly impactful projects where others are doing amazing things with your technology.

Inspire motivation to make a difference

It’s about encouraging your audience to adopt the tools that move the industry forward. Maybe it’s inspiring them to build better buildings and products, or maybe it’s to be greener and leaner, or other ways to maximize their positive impact and contribution.

You get an experienced keynote speaker when you hire Lynn Allen

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Watch Lynn Allen opening a 10,000 person event

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“Success is when each attendee visualizes what the future can hold and they’re willing to embace the technology that will help them get there”

Get your audience comfortable with new tools

Lynn helps your audience set aside their resistance to change and get excited about adopting new technology.

Many people are silently intimidated by technology
Not everybody in your audience “gets” tech! Even in tech companies, many people use the newest buzzwords and pretend they understand. They’re expected to know, so they’re afraid to ask when they don’t know.

These same people won’t take action with your new product or program if they feel they won’t be able to be successful with it. There is a fear of tech failure.

Lynn brings everyone to a common level of understanding, then takes them to the next level showing novices and the experts alike what their future can hold for them.


“Your audience wants to know how your technology will solve a painful problem they’re experiencing or make their working lives better.”

Here are some of Lynn’s recent presentations to give you ideas for topics she can present at your event

1. Smart Cities—Emcee

CANBIM (Toronto)

2. The Human Side of Technology

STEM (Honolulu)

3. Emcee for gala dinner

BILT (St. Louis)

4. Making the Move to BIM

Synergis University (Allentown)

5. Embracing the Cloud

DDSCADD (Fort Lauderdale)

6. The Future of Making Things

Autodesk University (Mexico City, Sydney)

7. The Future of Design

CAD & Co. (Amsterdam)

8. The Future of Building Things

AIA (Miami)

9. Tips & Tricks for Amazing Virtual Presentations

Autodesk (Berlin, Dallas)

10. Emcee (with Sophia, the AI robot)

MidWest University (Minneapolis)

11. The Future of Building Things

DLT Solutions’ Government Design (Albany, LA, San Diego, Denver, DC)

12. Emcee for 2019 conference

COFES / The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (Menlo Park)

13. Experience the Possibilities of BIM for Facilities Management

IMAGINiT (Webcast)

14. Beyond BIM: Win with Constructibility

Trimble MEP Basecamp 2019 (San Diego)

15. Presenting Yourself with Maximum Impact

Employee training for a large event management company (Bay Area, California)

16. The Future of Smart Cities

DLT Solutions’ Government Design (New York City, DC, Tampa)

17. Winning with BIM

Hagerman (St. Louis)

18. Embracing the Power of Cloud Platforms

3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 (Nashville)

Check out Lynn’s recently published articles

1. Government and the Future of Smart Cities

GovDesignHub (Dec. 12, 2019)

2. Ten Tips for Embracing Change & Adopting New Technology

The Blast |CAD Learning (Dec. 9, 2019)

"Lynn is an easy choice to deliver a motivational presentation"

“Lynn’s presentation preparation and delivery skills impress me. She doesn’t prepare to memorize, she works to make sure that every idea and nuance is thoughtfully covered. Lynn’s delivery skills are fabulous. She knows how to deliver light humor at the right moment and when to hammer home the key points of the presentation. Lynn is an easy choice to deliver a motivational presentation for most organizations.

She is a great speaking coach or plenary session organizer. Lynn has been invaluable as my speaking coach. Even though I have been a frequent speaker for decades, she has elevated my skills and preparation habits. Lynn has also noticeably improved our other plenary sessions for the BILT North America conference. She has the skills and the inspiration to improve your important presentations.”

–R. Robert Bell
Region Chairman, BILT North America

“If I had to sum Lynn up, it would be articulate, funny, accurate and compelling.”

“I have seen Lynn Allen present on several different occasions over the years. Putting it simply, she is one of the most engaging public speakers out there today.  I have seen her on main stage in front of 10,000 people in Las Vegas all the way to a technical session delivered to 40 people in an airport hotel just outside of Birmingham UK. No matter what the presentation, it’s always thoroughly researched and more importantly relatable to the audience. I hope to see her present many times again.”

–Craig Snell, Manufacturing Support & Training Manager

Symetri | United Kingdom

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